Yoga Asanas for weight loss

There is a lot of debate on the topic of yoga and its effectiveness for weight loss. Despite of the fact that this ancient practice that originated in India is now practiced by millions over the globe, there still remain doubts in minds of the ones who love to overlook all the plentiful of benefits this practice can offer in lieu of the only thing they seem to be concerned about: weight loss.

Weight loss is surely a very big health issue. It is also somewhat related to the person’s personality and so, people around the world keep on finding ways through which, they would fight off their bulging weight. Yoga is one such popularly sought option but people take it with a lot of doubt.

The reason why people look at yoga with doubt is that with yoga, if you need to see results, you need to be consistent at it. You need to put in all your efforts and believe in it for long. It is quite true that yoga does not show quick results but in the long run, it shows such effects on the body and your mind that they attain a unanimous sense of health and peace.

There are many yoga asanas for weight loss if you wish to be specific about the purpose of taking yoga. Even if your purpose remains directed towards weight loss solely, yoga adds many health benefits while slowly helping the body in cutting the extra fats and burning calories.

With proper practice of yoga for consistently longer durations, you would see that your skin is glowing, you have better metabolism, your energy has doubled-up, you are more flexible and you can concentrate better. So take yoga for any reason you wish, weight loss for instance, you would definitely see results if you are sincerely and deliberately putting efforts. We mention here some really easy and impressive yoga asanas for weight loss:

Chakra Padasana, the single leg rotation: Involves rising the legs up at about 45 degrees while you lie straight on the ground and rotating the legs in circular movements in clockwise and anticlockwise directions for some time simultaneously. This yoga stretches the abdominal muscles thus triggering the fat burning process there and making the belly-line leaner eventually.

Bhujanga Asana, the snake position: Involves lying down on the stomach and then moving the front half of the body while your hands rest below your shoulders in the upward direction and keeping in the same position for around 30 seconds before going down to the basic posture.

This simple yogasana again stretches the abdominal muscles thus helping it reduce the extra fats from the belly line. Dhanurasana, the bow position: This is a bit similar to the above mentioned asana, bhujangasana. Here, you need to start with the same posture of lying on the stomach. Then, as you raise your upper part of the body, take out your hands as well. Alongside, raise your legs up as well. Hold your legs with your hands and remain in this posture for around 30 seconds. Then slowly, move back to your normal posture slowly.

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