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Do you look for the exit door when someone begins discussing waist size? Do you have to silently pray to God before you check your weight on the weighing scale? Size zero is an obsession. Exercise, diet, yoga, medicines … you are willing to try it all.

  1. Are you really obese? Find out how much you should weigh as per your height. Before you lay out rigid diet plans and exercise schedules make sure you do not suffer from a hormonal imbalance or a metabolic disorder.
  2. There’s nothing to match the pleasure of .hot pakoras on a rainy day, a chocolate pastry to beat the blues or fight over cheese pizza with your friends. At the same time nothing can match the sheer joy of having a flat tummy or wearing a figure-hugging dress with √©lan. What you need to do is strike a balance. Enjoy mouth-watering calorie-loaded delicacies but within limits.
  3. Do you screw up your nose every time your mother mentions exercise? If you are unable to discipline yourself, seek someone’s help and start exercising with him. Go for jogs, skip, play or simply dance. It might be tough initially, but once the routine sets in you will long for the exercise hour. The ‘feel-good’ hormones called endorphins, released during exercising will keep you fit and happy. The glow on your face will be an added bonus!
  4. Don’t let your weight weigh on you. Some teens crash-diet, robbing their body of vital nutrients. Others exercise till they drop. Would you rather be a plump glowing teen or a haggard, pale, weak albeit slim teen? Watch your diet, burn calories but be comfortable with yourself. Wear clothes that suit you. Remember, the world is full of obese men and women who are loved and appreciated. Even when Adnan Sami weighed more than a 100 kg, people adored him!
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