Weight loss tips for teenage girls

Weight loss is an essential thing and everyone in today’s world goes for it. There are various things to consider while you lose weight, the first thing is t consider your height. Weight must always be in proportion with height so first you much check your height and then decide how much weight you must loose. Here are some important tips that a teenage girl must follow in order to lose weight

Plan a diet

The first essential thing for weight loss is to plan a diet. Weight loss does not mean you have to eat less, it means that you need to eat the right food in the right quantity. There are various aspects of planning a diet. If you are veggie then you have a make a list of all the essential fruits and vegetables that must be there in your diet. If you are a non veggie then too you must ensure that you have a proper balance of vegan-food and non veggie in your diet.

Include protein

You will lose weight successfully when you include sufficient protein in your diet. Protein food are very good for weight loss as they provide your body with the right amount of energy that is required to lose weight, make sure that you include enough protein in your diet. Avoid carbohydrate and other junk food as much as possible so that you lose weight in a healthy manner. Carbonate drinks and sugar added juice must also be avoided at all cost.

Drink lot of water

You need to drink lot of water so that you lose weight properly. Water is very essential in cleaning the body and without adequate level of water in your system you cannot lose weight. Make sure that you drink at least 3 liters of water in a day.


Exercising is the only way by which you can lose weight. If you cannot do heavy exercise then mild exercise will also do wonders to you. Plan your day out, you need to make sure what you are doing in which part of the day, after making this plant you will be able to do the right amount of exercise. Make sure that you start light as heavy exercise will just harm your body. You can also do some yoga asana or some aerobics in the starting. Stretch ups are very essential as they will make your body flexible.

Eat everything but in moderate amount

You need to eat everything but at eth same time in moderate amount. If you are eating too much carbohydrate then it will not benefit you. So have food which are low in carbohydrate and high in fiber. If you are used to having tea and coffee then you need to skip the habit and make sure that you eat something healthy. Green tea is a very good option and you must have green tea everyday as it will provide you with many health benefits.

You must not take alcohol as slowly it will turn into addiction and then it will be difficult for you to quite the habit. Follow these weight loss tips and lose weight successfully

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