Weight loss for college students

When you visit a college it is very sad to see the number of over weight students in the campus. There are students who are so over weight that it wonders to me what will happen to them when they reach 30 or 40. There are number of factors that contribute for a person to become over weight. The number one factor is lifestyle. Our lifestyle has become such that when we go by the style and trend, we tend to lose our health. For example it is a trend that one must drink beer and smoke when you attend a college party but these factors make o en over weight, this no one realizes. Well here are some tips for college students to get slim and get back into shape.

Avoid food from college cafeteria :  The first rule is to not to use the college cafeteria. When you go to the café you see your friends there and they will invite you for some food or snacks. All snacks are unfortunately loaded calories and they will increase your weight. It is better to have light snacks that are very less in calories. In case you happen to go to a café make sure you don’t eat everything that is tempting. You have to control yourself if you desire to lose weight.

Do not eat junk food : There are lot of exciting offers that are available in the college café. Incase you happen to visit one, you must make sure that you select food which are good for your health. For this you have to compromise with your taste bud. You need to take food which are mostly backed as they won’t have oil in them. Light snacks are always better and when for a week you have followed this strict diet then you can reward your self by eating what you desire the most.

No drinks :  Beer and other liquor are very good to taste and in some parties it is compulsory to have these but these drinks are loaded with calories and will ruin your effort of losing weight. You can have juice instead of these things and better to have juice without the added sugar. It is always a wise choice to have whole fruits as they are rich in fiber and will benefit your health.

Avoid small  snacks in between the meal : You need to avoid certain snack that will tend to increase your weight like a chocolate bar or some fried figure chips in between the meals or in between class hours. These are nothing but ways to increase your weight. You will lose weight once you put a control on these things.

Exercise : The most important thing to lose weight is to exercise. If you cannot exercise then there is no way by which you can lose those extra pounds. Make sure that you take out at least 30 minutes from your busy schedule to go and do some work out.

It is not that difficult to lose weight if you have the right determination and you are working hard towards it.

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