Tips for Reducing Salt Intake

We all love to cook and eat. More than half of us are addicted to the sight, smell and look of great food. Not only do we love to cook good food when our guests come visiting, but also love to cook them for us and our family members. In case of special occasions and whenever we are in a mood to enjoy, we eat out and enjoy every bit of outside or restaurant food. It is only when we come face to face with our health problems that we start thinking of what we are eating and how it is affecting our health. One of the first things that come to attention is the amount of sodium intake in our food. Though sodium is highly beneficial for our health, large amounts of sodium intake causes more good than harm. The moment high sodium levels are detected, the first thing that you should do is think about your salt intake. This is because salt is the main contributor of sodium in your diet.

If you are suffering from high level of sodium in your blood or want to control your sodium level before it goes out of hand then there are many easy tips that one can follow. Here are a few tips that might help you arrest your rising sodium levels:

  • Be aware of what you are eating: all those chips, wafers, tinned and canned food that you buy and eat off the shelves are loaded with sodium. Frozen or packed fast food packets, those can be instantly fried and eaten at home are so high in sodium levels that one must stop eating them all together. If you are in love with junk food then look for the ones that are low in sodium levels. Read the food packets carefully before you purchase and eat!
  • If you are eating out in restaurants or ordering food for home then make sure to specify that you intend to prefer dishes that are cooked in low amount of salt. Adding more salt to dishes is common place in restaurants but if you specifically request your food to be cooked in law salt, most restaurants will comply.
  • While cooking dishes at home, most of us prefer to add salt during the initial stage of cooking. This leads to the taste of slat being marred by the time the dish is completely cooked and ready to eat. If salt is added before you take the dish off the gas oven then there will be no need to add salt again while you are eating.

Remove the table salt from the table! Weird as it may sound if you have that table salt in front of you when you are having your meals, you will be tempted to use some of it the moment you feel the dish a bit more salt. Removing salt from the dining table will not only control your urge for salt but also reduce your salt requirement in the long run.

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