The more the scarier

Most of us believe in the philosophy the more the better but apparently its not always true. For example even though the number of tv channels available today has increased, yet the number of good shows remain very few. Wise men often say that too much of anything is bad and I think it’s true especially if it’s related to our health. Fat is known to provide us with energy, but too much of it can lead to obesity which is some thing not to be taken lightly, no pun intended.

The problem of obesity has been growing steadily over the years, with the U.S topping the list as the country with the highest number of obese population followed by a number of other developed countries. It is mostly the developed countries that are affected by obesity but now days it’s a menace fast growing in the developing countries as well. There are two types of obesity: Type and Type 2. The type 1 obesity is caused by lifestyle, over eating etc while the type 2 obesity is caused by genetic factors. Obese people are categorized into different categories from mildly obese to morbidly obese. The way to measure obesity is through the BMI that is Body Mass Index. The people with BMI between 30-34.9 are in the class I category. Class II consists of people having BMI between 35-39.9 and class III or morbidly obese are those with the BMI 40. Mostly people are affected by the type one obesity that is the one related to our lifestyle.

The modern lifestyle is one of the major reasons for the growth of obesity all over the world. People now-days are so busy and tired that they don’t even think before popping something in their mouth. Since we are always running short of time we don’t even take care of ourselves.

In developed countries like US and uk where the cost of living is very high people need to work a lot to maintain a roof over their head with the members of the family working multiple shifts which results in very little or no time for cooking. Thus the people from these working class families end up eating frozen food or junk food, both of which are easily available and in many cases found to be cheaper than real fruits and vegetables. Since people are always on the run it’s convenient for them to grab a burger or taco on their to work. Seldom do such people have time to think about the nutritional value of the food that they consume Another important factor contributing towards the rise of obesity is the excess intake of sugar and lack of exercise. According to WHO people are consuming more sugar than needed and in their new guidelines they have advised people to reduce their sugar intake to just 5to 10% of their overall calories. What we don’t realize is that things like breakfast cereals, ketchup and fruit juice contain a high amount of sugar along with the more obvious ones like soft drinks, sodas, cookies, candies etc. Along with the reasons mentioned above lack of exercise is a very import factor in the rise of obesity. With our hectic schedule it’s very difficult to find time to exercise and when we do manage to squeeze out some time from our busy schedule we end up relaxing instead of exercising. Moreover people having desk job are at a higher risk of gaining weight since they have to sit in one position for a long time at a stretch. Unfortunately all these factors easily lead to obesity. Which as most of us know is the cause of death for many. Obesity, if not directly, kills a person indirectly. People suffer-ring from obesity are prone to heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes etc. Sadly along with the multitude of physical threats it also causes psychological problems. People suffering from obesity generally have very low self esteem and self concept, they tend to go into depression because of continuous subjection to ridicule and social isolation. However it’s never too late to start something good. Specially if it’s related to your overall well being. One can start by exercising or by just taking a walk everyday for about half an ┬áhour. We can consult a doctor or a dietitian to know how much and what we should eat. With the summer approaching we can even take swimming lessons which is both fun and good for weight reduction. While recently many have opted for things like bariatric surgery I think that exercising is still a better option if you have time in your hand and your condition is not very serious. So, follow the fitness mantra, which most people in the fitness industry says, ‘No pain no gain’

Author: D. Tiwari

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