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Soon after coming back from Calm Farm, my body rejected chocolate. My body wanted fruit, vegetables and milk instead. That’s when I knew something strange was happening. And I realized I was pregnant. My body reacted wonderfully. It immediately gave up all the things I loved which were bad for me. The first couple of months, I was horribly sick and lost weight. Yes, losing weight was definitely one of the perks. But throwing up on hotel porches while waiting for the car, rushing to use dirty cinema toilets and running out of restaurants to make it to safe ground are not much fun. Then, like a switch goes off, the day I completed twelve weeks, I was in the pink of health. I was walking, swimming and working. In fact, I was swimming till the very last day.Mothers-to-be tea One of the biggest perks of being pregnant was that when people said, ‘So, when are you expecting?’ I could give a date rather than sheepishly look away and say, ‘I am not pregnant, just fat’ or aggressively counter, ‘Expecting what?’ The second perk was guilt-free eating. I was feeding the baby inside. A baby the size of a kidney bean needed all the cake, samosas and millefeuille I was eating. I invented something called the mothers’ tea. It was one big eating fest. A few of my pregnant friends would come over and we would indulge in a table full of goodies chased by glasses of milk. Rather like a bachelorette party, really. There was a feasting table laden with food — there was lemon cake,Arabic walnut and honey cake,chocolate pastries, chutney sandwiches, samosas, biscuits and more. I would order a 1 kg cake for the four of us. We were a gang, united by our indulgent teas.

I’m not fat, I’m pregnant (finally!)
My body never looked pregnant. Not till the eighth month. Largely because I had looked pregnant for so long. My stomach was just as big as before, only the shape had altered slightly. The fat just got redistributed. All my clothes fit because they were maternity size anyway. My walk was already that of a pregnant woman. People had been asking for a few years, Are you having twins?’ So I could get away without telling anyone I was pregnant. And I did. I never told anyone at work till I was seven months’ pregnant. I didn’t tell anyone because I was so vociferous about hating kids. I was always complaining about mothers who had children and could not focus on work and now I was pregnant. Sadly, nobody even suspected. They just thought I had piled on a couple more kilos. I think some of the other board members found it strange that I had replaced my espresso with tall glasses of milk but they let it pass.
My doctor said I should not put on any weight during my pregnancy. It would not be healthy for me or the baby. She had to put me on special medication to counter the weight issues. And she was worried about the delivery. During the ultrasounds the doctor complained that the scans were not very clear because the machine had to go through so many layers of fat. Even my gynie was not pleased with the tyres. She could not hear the heartbeat of the baby because it was buried under the fat. This was a little disheartening because the other mummies could hear their baby’s heartbeat just by getting their husbands to place their ears on their tummy. Even the baby kicks took longer to be felt.except for the pipe from my stomach that was collecting the waste fluids. I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror. I had huge lactating breasts which stood pert and firm and all the layers and tyres had gone. Of course, this was a totally temporary and painful situation, as I discovered later. I was no Greek Goddess, it was engorgement. OUCH! After the baby, following Indian tradition, I was placed under house arrest for forty days. Now I was truly feeding the baby.

Laddoo Diet

Early morning: Small cup of milk with Lactonic (a herbal lactating supplement)
Morning: Tea with a highly-loaded homemade panjiri laddoo Mid-morning: Hot daliya with cashewnuts, raisins and almonds Three-quarter morning: Apple pie sent over by my masi,
eaten hot with cream

Lunch: Rice, yellow dal, kaddu (pumpkin) sabzi
Tea party 1: Visitors. Mothers-to-be tea menu with cakes and savouries and other hot additions
Tea party 2: More visitors, more tea
Dinner: Rice, dal, sabzi
Nightcap: Lactonic with milk and panjiri laddoo

Note : This is women personal opinion during pregnancy period ) 

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