Get rid of bronchitis from the roots with Homoepathy

Since the development of mankind, people have been facing various kinds of diseases. To get rid of such diseases, there are different ways and means as per different branches of medical science. There are diseases like bronchitis, which really makes the life of patient miserable. Many times it happens that a disease cannot be cured perfectly by allopathy, but the same can be cured perfectly by another branch of medical science like homeopathy. Homeopathy is another branch of medical science, which studies each and every case in detail, and works on a case to case basis.

The Bronchitis:

Bronchitis is such a disease which happens due to inflammation in the mucous membrane of the upper tubes. Generally bronchitis is followed by cold or flu which are caused due to virus. It can trouble the patient for a few weeks also. In case, this disease is not taken care properly and resolved from roots, it can transfer into acute bronchitis also, which is an advanced stage of the disease. It can be caused due to severe smoking, or polluted air or different allergies, which can cause the lungs susceptible. This disease is quite manageable if traced in early stage otherwise needs immediate attention of a doctor.

Homeopathic Treatment of bronchitis:

Being one of the leading and most promising branches of medical science, homeopathy has the perfect treatment for bronchitis. As per homeopathy way of treatment, it focuses on the cause of the disease and removes the disease from its roots. The homeopath doctor studies the case in detail and prepares course of action to follow, which can strengthen the mucus membrane and so they do not inflame any more, which provides huge relief to the patient. There are a number of medicines which helps to remove the disease, but these have to be taken under the supervision of a doctor. Some of such medicines are as under:

Antimonium Tartaricum: This medicine helps when the patient is suffering from wet mucus in the chest and feeling like cough within and breathing becomes noisy with different sound. Generally spitting up of cough can help much and the patient can feel comfortable at the time while standing or lying on the right side.

Bryonia: This medicine helps the patient in the worst situation caused by bronchitis when stomach also pains and cough are dry which cannot be spitted out. It helps in such a painful situation of patients when due to ill health patient like to live alone and does not want to talk to anyone. Unusual thirst and frequent urination are a common feature of this situation.

Dulcamara: This is  medicine for such patients who suffer from bronchitis due to change of weather. Such patients suffer from tickling and hoarse cough situation, which become worse during activities which lead to physical exertion. The patients who are susceptible to allergies also need this medicine. This happens during the seasonal changes such as from cool to hot days.

Homeopathy has the perfect cure for normal, as well as, acute bronchitis  No doubt it takes time to remove the disease from roots, but it is treated forever.

Author: The author is a leading homeopathic practitioner who is also associated with Drsshealthcenter and has treated innumerable patients suffering from Bronchitis.

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