Fruits and Fruti Drinks for Pregnant Women

It is recommended that at least one seasonal fruit be eaten every day during pregnancy. The list can include apples, grapes, pomegranates, sweet oranges, sweet tangerines, figs and am/a. Figs, pomegranates and apples nourish the blood directly. Sour fruits such as oranges, sweet limes, tangerines, and amla, are rich in Vitamin C, and indirectly also help the development of blood.
The mother-to-be should regularly drink half a glass of undiluted orange, sweet lime or tangerine juice. The juice should have no additives. It will help nourish rasa dhatu, encourage the proper development of the foetus, and promote the production of breast milk after delivery.
According to Ayurvedic literature, grapes are the best of all fruits. When in season, they are highly recommended. They should be washed thoroughly and soaked in salted water for a few hours before eating. In other seasons raisins can be consumed instead. Ten to twelve raisins at a time is ideal. They should be soaked in water for a few hours as well. They nourish blood, and ensure proper bowel movements.
Fresh coconut water is another healthy drink during pregnancy. Besides benefits similar to the otherjuices mentioned, it also ensures thatthe womb has adequate amniotic fluid. It is quite common to see that amniotic fluid suddenly decreases in the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy. Coconut water is both prevention and cure in such cases. The coconut’s tender pulp (ma/a/) is easy to digest, nutritious and pacifies pitta. In general, ripe and tender coconut nourishes mansa dhatu (flesh and muscle), and so helps keep skin, which also develops from mansa dhatu, healthy and glowing. As mentioned earlier, grated coconut, fresh or dried, can be used in the preparation of vegetables.

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