Fastest weight loss exercise for man and Women

There are many exercises that are just not meant   to make any differences to the overall body in a consistent amount of time. Rater, these exercises can help you burn a lot of your body fats in quite an early time. If you are speaking about the fastest weight loss exercise, we would say that there should not be a single work-out session that you would follow. The single exercise might well prove to be beneficial, but not only would it get monotonous and hence a bit boring when you continuously follow the same for long. Instead, form a group of work-outs and follow them as you would perform a session. This would help your body burn the fats along with also letting the mind have some fun.

Any exercise when done with consistency and over a longer amount of time does prove beneficial for the body. But if you wish to loose weight quickly, here is a work-out plan that can bring good results to you. This work out is also very simple and can be performed at your home. You would not also need a lot of free space around to do what we’ve mentioned here. Just maintain the rate at which you have started the work-out or most probably keep on increasing the sessions as the time progresses.

Here is the bunch of simple exercises we spoke of:

Exercise 1- Weighted jump squats

Take dumbbells of weight that is not quite much nor is quite low. You can choose any weight between five to twenty pounds that suit you. Do 20 such weighted squats without a break. After you are done, you can take a shot break for a minute or two, but not more that that.

Exercise 2- ‘Bodyweight only’ jump squats

Keep the dumbbells aside and now do bodyweight only jump squats. Keep the number same as that of weighted jump squats for this exercise also. Do all the 20 without a break and after you complete this; you can take a short break of a minute or two.

Exercise 3- Push-ups

Do 20 push ups with a pair of dumbbells of around five to twenty pounds in any way that you feel comfortable- elevated, broad or from a chair. Do these 20 push ups continuously without taking a break and then at the end, you can take the short break of a minute or two.

Exercise 4- Jumping jacks

Again, some jumping be done, this time, in the form of jumping jacks. Do 20 jumping jacks and let the body stretch properly. Again, you are not allowed to take any break during the jumping jacks, you should only stop once all the 20 are complete. Once they are, take your break of a minute or two.

At the end of step four, you can also innovatively add some other work-out that you are interested in which could be jogging, ski-steps, push-ups or anything else. Once you complete this whole sequence once, you can take a bit longer break like 5 minutes and again get back to the first step to start the whole sequence again. Do this for 3 to 4 times or as much as your stamina allows you.

It is also fine if you get tired for the first time you’ve begin. You can also limit the number of such sessions to 2 for the first time and within these two sessions, you can take a break of as much time as you wish. But, you should do this twice at least. Also with time, add to the number of these sequences you follow.

You can loose around 3 to 4 pounds weight with this sequence in a weeks time if it is performed consistently. With some more time in the same exercise sequence, you would start to see the effects of this on the overall body which would tone down properly and you would get a properly shaped body.

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