Fast weight loss workouts for women

Weight loss is a tricky issue. There can be many reasons that could account for an unhealthy weight gain and making you obese like genetic factors, body types, hereditary factors or an unhealthy life style. Depending on these diverse issues, there are different weight loss habits. So, in a way you can say that weight loss regimes should be different for different people belonging to the above mentioned different factors for weight gain. But there is one more fact and that is, despite of all these reasons of weight gain, the weight is after all it is the extra body fat that has added to the weight of the body. If you can help this body fat burn in any way, you would loose weight.

There are many ways now to loose considerable amount of weight. There are proven diet plans, exercises, yoga asanas and even medical abduction of the extra fats. But such extreme measures are not required. There are many simple yet fast weight loss workouts for women that help in reducing a considerable amount of weight in easy way. But you need to be consistent in following the regime of these workouts on a daily basis. If you do so, you would definitely see the effect but in case you fail to continue doing this, you would not see many effects. The workouts we were speaking about are mentioned below:

Jumping Jacks: Jumping jack is just what you might have thought, jumping like action of the popular toy, the jumping jack. Just as the legs and arms of this toy go up when you pull the cord attached, in a downwards direction, you need to jump in a way that while jumping, you would take your legs apart and the hands would move in the upwards direction. As the legs start reaching the ground back, the arms clap overhead as the feet finally touch the ground. Now this is no expert workout. All you need to do is continue doing this as long as you can. Repeat the procedure for at least as many times as you start feeling your heart beating fast and the body sweating. For beginners, this can be repeated for ten times before you take a minute or two of rest. After that, you can start doing the same again.

There is only one issue that needs to be taken care of in this form of workout: Proper breathing pattern. You should exhale while you jump and inhale while coming down, if you do not follow this, you would face an increased blood pressure.

Squats: Squatting requires holding two light weight dumbbells or any other weight, one in each hand. You would hunker down while your hands up above your head, parallel to each other. When you come down, fold the legs at the knees and the arms at the elbow and try to remain in this half-seated position for around 30 seconds before you slowly move back to the normal standing position. In the half seated position, don’t let go easily, you need to stretch all your body and so, come down without falling for as much stress as you can to attain maximum benefits.

You can also mix these exercise with each other to create a session of your own. Do these for as much time as you can and do it as good pace. With pace, you can stretch the body properly and so, you see maximum benefits. Also, you need to be really consistent at what you are doping. Suppose that you did these for 30 minutes on the starting day, keep on adding an extra 5 minutes time to your regime every other week, and don’t reduce the time. If you do this, even these simple workouts would prove very beneficial for you.

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