Fast diets to lose weight quickly

Weight loss can sound like a battle to many of you. I know it is really hard to loose weight suddenly when the same weight has been gained during a long process of unhealthy eating and never-exercising regime. But don’t feel depressed. With some discipline and proper eating you can loose some of your unwanted flab in a quickie.

Yes, there are fast diets to loose weight quickly. Studies have shown that these diets are extremely beneficial when it comes to loosing weight quickly. Based upon what you choose, you can loose up to 10lbs in a weeks time, or a nearer figure.

In the following excerpt, we have mentioned some fast diets we know that are time and scientifically proven to work when properly followed:

Muelsi and nuts:  People on diet tend to cut every single thing that sounds nutritious. Nuts are one such thing that they commonly cut down from their diet worrying that nuts would add to their calories which they actually even do. But when they are consumed in the right amount, they can provide the body with just the right amount of calories, not less no more.

Nuts, especially peanuts have a low GI, the glyceamic index which means that their process of breaking don to sugars is quite slow and so, they provide the body with a steady flow of energy. Adding muleasi with nuts would help the stomach feel fuller so that you can stay away from different cravings as you would feel less hungry. Muleasi and nuts, when taken at proper timings, sans any other solid food item are said to loose 7lbs in a week’s period.

Vegetable and fruit juices: Juice diets are based on the simple idea that the intake of a good amount of juices detoxes the system. In this process of body detoxification, the body looses its weight quite fast as well. Fruits and vegetables provide all kinds of nutritious elements as well as are low in fat thus keeping the body balance of proper amount of calories.

There are many options of going with this diet form. You can choose fruits and veggies of your choice as and when you want. Some people choose to follow this diet only on weekends. Some people cut down their one time full meal and drink only juices, of fruits or of vegetables. Some people take only juices as their full time meals. Such diet, the extreme fruit juice diet, should only be taken after the advice of your doctor. Some fruits contain extreme amount of natural sugars which can be harmful for some medical conditions.

Speaking of figures, fruit juice diets are said to reduce body flab of around 7lbs in a week’s time.

The Cabbage Soup Diet Plan:

The cabbage suop plan is said to be a very strict but effective diet plan. Just as the name suggests, the main course of food taken in this plan is that of cabbage soup. The idea is simple. Homemade cabbage soup is extremely low in calories. As much as you eat such soup, you feel fuller but you virtually take no calories and you start loosing a lot of weight. You can also add some extremely low fat food varieties to kill your cravings for sweet in form of fruits and for some change, vegetable juices.

Though this diet is said to be very effective, it is advised that it should only be taken for as long as a week. In fact, this diet plan can be used to start your diet regime with some other diet plans for better results. Talking about the figures, cabbage soup diet cuts the body flab of around 10lbs in a weeks time

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