Bikram Yoga for Weight Loss

Among the many famous forms of yoga which have been practiced by millions over years and are still under scrutiny of whether they are effective or not, Bikram yoga tops the list. The profusely popular and highly disciplined power yoga activity works to maintain body and mental health in many ways. It reduces weight but that is certainly not the only health benefit it offers. It strengthens the body and mind equally and so, even if you’ve heard that bikram yoga for weight loss does not score high, go and find out yourself, for if not weight, you may find out some other health benefits. The general sessions of Bikram involves 26 different body postures and 2 breathing exercises. The ambience where the sessions are carried out is also specially maintained. The humidity of the room is kept at about 40% and the temperature of 105 degree Fahrenheit. Through the rigorous exercises, various body postures and the maintained temperature, bikram yoga works very effectively in cutting the calories from the body, thus reducing the body weight.

To let you understand properly how bikram yoga helps cut your body fats, here are the facts that would help you understand this.

The Overall session of bikram lasts for around 90 minutes. The session comprises of some very basic yoga asanas added with some advanced ones to make the whole session a healthy combination of power exercises.

The sessions are no doubt very tiring. They make the body to sweat a lot. But the body sweat is not the reason why we say Bikram reduces body weight. It is the process of muscles getting warmed-up and in this process, the body fats start burning profusely.

One more way in which Bikram yoga helps burn body fat is the fact that it improves the metabolism of your body. This is done as a result of the detoxification of the body done as a result of Bikram yoga. Body detoxification helps improve the circulatory system of the body which in turn leads to proper metabolism. When the body metabolism is good, the body naturally keeps on cutting extra calories and fats.

But, in order to get the maximum benefits from Bikram yoga, remember that you need to attend at least 3 sessions of Bikram in a month’s time. People who get used to practicing it may also attend as much as 4-5 sessions in a weeks time only.

Bikram yoga should never be practiced with an empty stomach. Remember to have a proper meal 4 hours before you start the session. Alo, drink plenty of water the earlier day of your session to keep the body properly hydrated. Without proper body water, you might feel dizzy as the session goes on. I have seen people who burn thousands of calories in a single Bikram session. If the activity is done with proper self-esteem and on a continuous basis, you would definitely find results. And there are no side effects of the activity after-all. All that the body gets is good health, physical and mental. You would see the skin glow, have a better body posture, have an increased immunity and would have plenty of mental strength. So, look at the activity as a total health care regimen if not only a way to loose weight

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