6 Things You Should Do Before You Start Your Weight Loss Program

“I’ll start my diet and exercise tomorrow…”

A snap decision to start a weight loss program of your own would never turn out to be a consistent one. Trust me. Like any other changes in life, weight loss requires commitment and preparedness. Diet and exercise is not as easy as just blurting out the words. You have to make your body and mind ready for the impending change in terms of eating, waking up in the morning, doing your routines, and your lifestyle as a whole.

In order for you to have a long term change on your body and weight, you must prepare and convince your mind that what you’re going to do is something which can basically change your lifestyle. Keep in mind that weight change will never be overnight. Below are six things you should do to prepare you for a committed weight loss program, regardless if you’re going to undergo a formal program or just a do-it-yourself kind of program.

Educate Yourself

Read, ask, and observe. Educating yourself doesn’t only mean reading the search results from typing “weight loss programs” in the Google search bar. It basically means you ask around, read magazines and books (not just internet stuff), and observing people as they do the same thing you want to do. By doing this, you can actually start with the program by moving and walking around, and not just sitting and slouching in front of your computer while eating some junks.

Start Your Health Journal

For you to be able to prepare your mind for the impending lifestyle change, you must put it into writing. Write about what you want to change or achieve and how you are actually planning to do it. Like a diary or your best essay for a school project, make it a point to write on your health journal as best as you can every day. This will certainly condition your mind into exercising and dieting. Continue to write and document your everything even as you start off with your health rituals.

Stretch Every Morning

You can prepare both your mind and your body if you start your stretch rituals every morning. You might also want to do this two or three hours before you sleep. Just make you won’t be after eating dinner, though. As your mind memorizes stretching as a routine, then your body will certainly be ready for something harder and more intense.

Prepare Yourself for the “Mind Over Matter” Scenario

As you stretch and start off with some heavier exercise routine along the way, remind yourself frequently that losing weight is something mind over matter. The process is going to be hard and painful both physically and mentally. It’s your mind which your controls your body after all.



Organize Your Workout Schedule

The most important thing when your start your workout routines is that you don’t stop and skip. So ahead of time, arrange and organize your schedule so that you won’t be needing to compromise your exercise routine very often.

Learn to Accept Yourself Regardless of What the Outcome Will Be

You will always be beautiful and unique in your own way. So learn to love and accept yourself no matter what and how the weight loss results change you. If you want more results, be consistent. But keep in mind that all those fats and flabs are only “after skin” deep. It doesn’t and will never define who you really are.

Be confident and be yourself before you even begin your weight loss plans. All that matters after all is that you’re completely healthy.

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