2013 Summer diet workout plan for fat

Summer fatation Diet Other kids had competitions on who could jump the highest or run the fastest. When my cousins and I got together, our competitions were food competitions. Our adda was at my masi’s house in Delhi. She has a large kitchen with an eating counter. At lunch time, we would form teams — my cousin sister and I in one and my sister and cousin brother in the other. We would get thalis, load up, on-your-marks-get-set, and shovel till the first one was ready to burst. One time, this game got so out of hand we finished the entire consignment of rajma-chawal made for the house. Counting the staff, this was made for six adults and four children. Another time we ate homemade dosas from lunch time till four p.m., finally stopping only when the batter finished. One Sunday, as a special treat, we were taken to a newly introduced buffet brunch. This was on the rooftop of a hotel with a super luxurious buffet spread that stretched at least half a mile. We were very excited. Eat as much as you like. We piled up high, wide and deep. And we were instructed by my masi to go back at least three times: starters, mains and dessert. Like we needed encouragement. The under-fives ate for free and the under- tens for half price. We were all under ten, but seeing our stellar performance the staff decided to charge us full price. We remained undeterred and committed to our cause. And proud of our achievement. When we spent our summers together, we sometimes had these competitions every single day.

The Diet Never to Follow : 

Wake up: Giant glass of full-fat milk stirred with heaps of Bournvita. Stroll around in the wooded area behind the house. Exercise done. Breakfast: Toast with thick slabs of homemade white butter. The butter was not spread. The thick slabs were simply laid on top of the toast. ccompanied by a fried egg.
Swim in the pool at the house.

Lunch: Food competition. Mounds of rice, dal, sabzi and dahi. Snack: Trees of mangoes and bananas.
Teatime: Giant glass of full-fat milk stirred with heaps of Bournvita. Dinner: Fish fingers or fried chicken with super thin French fries and tons of tomato ketchup. Usually with butter sandwiches and green peas on the side. Apple pie with cream for dessert.

Bedtime snack: Late night drive and ice-cream at GK- I market or India Gate. Ice-cream was always kasata or bonbons. No low-calorie ice-lollies for me.

Follow this for one month and you are guaranteed to get into the wrong shape.

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